Aventurine Consulting

Experts in Omni Channel Retailing based in London, United Kingdom. We provide consulting services in Omni Channel, e-commerce and general website projects in the UK and around the world.

Strategy: we can review your strategic Omni Channel and eCommerce plans, helping to develop a compelling service proposition for your customers and delivering profitable growth for your business.

Road-map: we create realistic Development Road-maps and Plans to deliver Omni Channel Services in the way the works best for your business.

Programme Management: we can support the delivery of the your Omni Channel Road-map working with your internal teams and suppliers to coordinate successful project go live. 

Sectors: we specialise in Omni Channel normally where there is a mix of brick & mortar stores and online presence. We have experience in most sectors including general merchandise, entertainment, fashion: both high street and luxury. We have worked on projects all over the world from the UK to Continental Europe, USA and Asia.

Review: we have broad expertise in all areas of eCommerce and can offer advice on any area of your business from web-technology, logistics, marketing, payment to online trading. Our consulting engagements can be as little as a short phone call to give advice on a particular aspect of Global Omni Channel retail, or can be for extended periods to shape and deliver complex change programmes.

AVENTURINE: is a semi precious form of quartz, normally a translucent green but also blue or grey with a glistening character known as aventurescence. Aventurine crystals are said to have certain beneficial properties for those that are in contact with them:  confidence, calm, clarity of thought and prosperity. 

Our consulting engagements generally arise from personal recommendation. Please contact info@aventurine-consulting.com for more information on our services and how we can help you achieve your Omni Channel goals.

Client references and details of our project portfolio are available on request.